Safety By Design


The Safety by Design pillar is based on the theory that when an area is properly designed and, effectively used, it can lead to a reduction in both the incidence and fear of crime as well as improve the quality of life. Safety by Design utilizes the concepts of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).

How can I make my home safer?

Medicine Hat is a safe place to live but there are still criminals out there who are looking for homes to break into. By following the principles of CPTED you can reduce your chances of becoming a victim of a Break & Enter, Vandalism, or Graffiti.

CPTED is an acronym for Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. The premise of CPTED is that proper design and use of the human environment can create a reduction in the incidence and fear of crime, and an increase in the quality of life. The four main overlapping concepts that form the foundation of CPTED include:

The main CPTED concepts are: Natural Access Control, Natural Surveillance, Territorial Reinforcement, and Maintenance.

Putting it all together: